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The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site

The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site

Learning Experiences

In the Land of Fur

Live the adventure of the Native trappers, of the French Canadian “Coureurs des bois” and the European merchants of the fur trade era. Discover the departure point of the Voyageurs and explorers in their adventures on Western Canada.

  • A tour of a warehouse built for the fur trade
  • A presentation of the fur trade epic
  • Several activities with the students
  • A treasure hunt using maps and time lines

The tour is designed for 2nd and 3rd cycle students of the elementary program, and it can be adapted to other cycles.

Links with the social sciences elementary program:

To understand the organisation of a society in its territory: the geography, the means of transportation, the techniques and tools of the fur trade.

To interpret change in a society and its territory: the way of life, the exploration of Western Canada, the differences between the period of the fur trade and today.

2014 Schedule: from April 11 to September 1st

Number of students: 2 classes of 30 students
Students will be divided into two small groups
Duration: 2 hours (two tours of one hour each)
Fee: $6.80 per student (prices may change without notice)

This activity includes a one hour guided tour at the Lachine Canal National Historic Site

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