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Management Plan


Gilles Pruneau Collection
Parks Canada, June 1947

The Field Unit Superintendent for the National Historic Sites of the greater Québec City area will be in charge of implementing the management strategic direction described above. Implementation schedule will be defined on the basis of available funding and regional and national priorities.

Preference will be accorded to actions and measures that ensure the site’s commemorative integrity and offer quality services to the public. The priority actions that Parks Canada intends to undertake at Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site of Canada are as follows:

  • conducting further research in order to acquire the necessary knowledge for ensuring the commemorative integrity of the site;
  • completing the planning of site development by means of preparing an architectural action plan;
  • carrying out the work required to preserve level 1 cultural resources, in particular currently endangered architectural resources;
  • presenting the targeted commemoration theme at the lazaretto;
  • completing the rebuilding of the western wharf;
  • continuing work on service infrastructures and building a new water storage tank;
  • producing a zoning plan for the island and conducting further research in order to protect natural resources.