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Management Plan

Mitigation strategies

In order to offset the anticipated negative impacts resulting from the development of Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site of Canada, the following strategies should be implemented:

  • to respect the commemorative integrity of Grosse Île and protect its natural resources, proposed projects and activities should be made subject to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act or the Parks Canada directive;
  • shoreline access should be reduced to a minimum during restoration work and during visits so as to completely avoid disturbing this fragile habitat, which is home to several rare and endangered plant species;
  • a zoning plan for the island should be developed and integrated into the management plan when this document is next updated;
  • under the proposed plant management plan, monitoring must be performed as required in order to minimize impacts on landscapes and to ensure that new, invasive or exotic plants do not establish communities on the island. In addition, environmental indicators should be implemented to verify the support capacity of natural resources;
  • realignment of the landing strip should be designed so as to minimize not only the impact on surface water runoff but also to avoid shoreline degradation as much as possible;
  • restoration of buildings should aim at preserving bat colonies, since bat populations worldwide have been undergoing substantial decline;
  • a program of excavations for the purposes of prevention and/or archaeological monitoring should be conducted during all digging and earth-moving operations performed in connection with the construction, restoration and presentation of works and buildings, or in relation to the installation of service infrastructures. As the need arises, the required measures (salvage excavations or site stabilization) should be performed in order to avoid damage to vestiges which, once uncovered, can be placed on permanent display.

Summary of the environmental assessment

Conformity with strategic directions
Identification of impact sources and assessment of concerns
Cumulative impacts
Mitigation strategies