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Management Plan

Respecting the spirit of the place

  • The spirit of the place refers to the character and meaning that a site has acquired over time; before a site can be grasped and understood intellectually, it must first be felt emotionally.
  • Visitors setting foot on the island experience this emotion in varying degrees. It is not difficult to appreciate the special value and meaning of Grosse Île for Canadians of Irish descent. For the families of those who worked at the station, Grosse Île is also a particularly moving place, which brings back memories of the people who were born and lived there. Thus it is only natural to regard this site as a place of pilgrimage, remembrance and quiet reflection.
  • But whatever their links with the people who lived on Grosse Île or lie buried there, today’s visitors are also moved by the indefinable atmosphere. They soon realize that this is a place that time has left behind. As Jeannette Vekeman Masson has so aptly written, “the pilgrim arriving on Grosse Île is struck by the feeling that time came to a standstill.” 26
  • Grosse Île is indeed like an open-air history book. To remove this feeling of stepping back in time would be like smothering the voice of the island, at the very moment it can finally speak out to us. Thus the development of Grosse Île will not be allowed to jeopardize the spirit of the place under any circumstances.

26. VEKEMAN MASSON, Jeannette, Grand-maman raconte la Grosse Île , Québec: Daillac Éditeur, 1990. 163 p.

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Respecting the spirit of the place
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