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Management Plan


Co-operation is a priority management strategy at Parks Canada. At Grosse Île, co-operation with public, private and non-profit organizations is one component of site management that has taken a number of tangible forms down to the present time.

At the outset, the island was the joint property of Parks Canada and Agriculture Canada. An inter-ministerial agreement enabled the two to harmonize the management of their respective properties and programs. Following this accord, additional administrative agreements were concluded with a view to providing for the maintenance and monitoring of buildings under shared responsibility or under the responsibility of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and for sharing the costs incurred in that connection. A service contract was awarded to the Grosse Île Development Corporation for the delivery of reception and interpretation services. The Corporation also runs a sales counter (publications, souvenirs, etc.) that was set up in the visitor’s centre.

Parks Canada numbers among its collaborators several business people, including one entrepreneur who runs the restaurant/cafeteria concession located in the third-class hotel. Visitors are able to reach the island via the services of private ferry operators, who work out of various docks. 25 The promotion and publicity activities of these partners sets off Parks Canada’s marketing efforts to good advantage, as they serve to build the visibility of the site among various tourism clienteles.

25. Since 1998, a mooring permit is required of ferry operators who wish to carry visitors to the island. A deposit must be paid in order to obtain this permit, which is governed by several conditions and regulations. If ferry operators fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement with Parks Canada, their rights of access to the island may be withdrawn.

Analysis of the current situation

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Commemorative integrity of the site
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