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Outstanding natural surroundings

Located in a transitional area between the estuary and maritime zones of the St. Lawrence, Grosse Île and the Isle aux Grues archipelago form the limits of the distribution of many plant species. The island’s flora and ecology present a number of highly specific features: a wide variety of habitats, more than 25 tree species, and luxuriant plantlife. Twenty-two species have been included on the list of plants that are likely to be declared endangered or threatened. Several others are at the limit of their distribution area.

Interest in the plantlife of Grosse Île dates back to at least the second half of the 19th century; members of religious orders gathered many plants that have been preserved in the herbarium at the Musée de l’Amérique française. Classification of plant life was further pursued, around 1922 and 1935, by Brother Marie-Victorin and, during the 1940s, by J.J. Sexsmith. After spending time on Grosse Île, Brother Marie- Victorin wrote that “Grosse Île is the furthest point of advance of estuarine flora into the maritime zone, and vice versa.”

In short, the natural resources of Grosse Île, such as landforms, woods, the river setting and shoreline plant life play a major role in the island’s landscapes and enhance the spirit of the place.

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Outstanding natural surroundings