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Messages for visitors to the site

To give audiences a clearer understanding of these messages of national historic significance, the following elements will be elaborated upon:


  • the national and international context surrounding the arrival of immigrants in Canada – the causes of immigration;
  • government policy for British emigration before 1867 and immigration to Canada after Confederation;
  • methods of recruitment and processing of immigrants;
  • transatlantic crossings in the days of the tall ships and steamships;
  • the socio-economic profile and ethnic diversity of immigrants who passed through the port of Québec;
  • the contribution of immigrants to Canadian society.

Irish immigration and the 1847 tragedy:

  • Irish immigration to Canada in the first half of the 19th century;
  • the Great Famine in Ireland and the events of 1847;
  • historiography of the Great Famine viewed from the perspective of Canadian history;
  • Grosse Île as a symbol for the Irish-Canadian community;
  • the adoption of orphan immigrants.
The Grosse Île quarantine station:
  • the great epidemics and the context surrounding the establishment of the quarantine station;
  • the processing of immigrants at Grosse Île, inspection of ships, medical screening of immigrants, disinfection procedures;
  • the detention conditions applied to passengers under observation and hospital conditions for the sick;
  • scientific knowledge and development of the quarantine; medical discoveries in the late 19th century and the revolution in medical science;
  • the principal facilities and layout of the station; the critical role played by Dr. Frederick Montizambert;
  • station staff, work organization, living conditions; the history of the “village”;
  • logistics: transportation, supplies, communications;
  • other quarantine stations established in Canada.

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