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Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site


Discovering the Memorial Discovering the Memorial
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Grosse Île is an unforgettable destination of great natural beauty, boasting breathtaking landscapes and a poignant history. Tour its historical buildings on your own or with a guide and follow orders from the quarantine officer, see what it was like to be examined by the nurse, or chat with the teacher. Then, take a moment of silence in the Irish Cemetery, where you might even find the name of one of your ancestors on the memorial.

Pause at the Celtic cross for a deep breath of fresh St. Lawrence River air or relax in the sun on a bench in the heart of the village. Whether you visit by boat, plane, foot, or trolley, you’re sure to love the site for its beauty and history.

Regular Programming

The Celtic Cross The Celtic Cross
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Hotel Tour

Discover the hotels once reserved for healthy immigrants and follow a short path leading to the Celtic Cross, Memorial, and other sites of interest.

Hour-long guided tours of the hotel sector are also available.

Disinfection Building Tour
The medical inspection of immigrants in the disinfection building The medical inspection of immigrants in the disinfection building
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Located near the wharf, the Disinfection Building offers an exhibition recounting the major events in the island’s history.

Visit the disinfection chambers, showers, and waiting rooms. Interpreters dressed in period costumes as station staff are on hand to re-enact the mandatory medical inspection for new immigrants.

Village and Hospital Tours
So many stories to discover So many stories to discover
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In the part of the village once reserved for employees and their families, stop by the Catholic Chapel, Anglican Chapel, home of the public works officer, and see an exhibition on village life.

Be sure to visit the hospital sector (where sick immigrants were treated), which is home to one of the Island’s oldest buildings, the Lazaretto, built in 1847 and a witness to the Irish tragedy.

Explore the village on foot or by trolley. Visits to the village and hospitals typically take 1 to 2 hours.

The Mirador Trail
A hike on the Mirador trail. A hike on the Mirador trail.
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Explore the Mirador trail, a 2.5 km hiking path in the forest of Grosse Île to discover the island’s diverse plant life and unique vistas.

Information panels on Grosse Île’s ecosystems and rare plants are posted along the trail.

Rest stops and lookouts offer breathtaking views of the island and the St. Lawrence Estuary.

Special Events 2014

Parks Canada Unique. Vraiment. Parks Canada Unique. Vraiment.
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There are no new special activies at the moment. Check our website regularly for updates.