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Fort Chambly National Historic Site


Activities for Everyone at Fort Chambly National Historic Site!

On arriving at Fort Chambly, step straight into the 18th century. Taste the favourite dishes of Nouvelle-France French soldiers, talk to the sergeant about military strategy, watch a soldier firing a musket, take part in the daily life of the fort, let the interpretive guide show you the secrets of the fortifications, and finish up with a picnic, admiring the quiet power of the stone fort at the foot of the rapids on the Richelieu River.

Featured Activities

A Taste of Nouvelle-France: treat yourself to a delectable exhibit!

A Taste of Nouvelle-France:
Treat Yourself to a Delectable Exhibit!

Bread, chocolate, and beer are some of our favourites...and it's been like this for ages! The exhibit showcases these tasty delights along with both traditional recipes and more modern creations by some of our favourite contemporary chefs!

Flavour Workshops - For Foodies Young and Old

Flavour Workshops:
Parent-children Activities for Food-loving Families

For the joy of cooking with the family, little ones and grown ups alike will enjoy following delicious recipes accompanied by acclaimed local chefs and culinary artisans.

Big Celebrations - Come celebrate at the Fort!

Big Celebrations
Come Celebrate at the Fort!

Parks Canada and the City of Chambly have joined forces in organizing an entire weekend of special events. Exciting festivities for everyone!

Brew Tales - With storyteller Éric Michaud

Brew Tales
With Storyteller Eric Michaud

Take the time to savour the story in more ways than one by actually tasting the hops (Yes! You get to try some!) revealed in storyteller Eric Michaud's captivating stories.

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