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Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site of Canada

A Bit of History... About the Museum

The Cartier House, after 1818 The Cartier House, Notre-Dam street, after 1818
© Cultural Service City of Montréal / Georges Delfosse (1869-1939) / circa 1917

This historic site commemorating Sir George-Étienne Cartier (1814-1873), has been opened to the public since 1985. Cartier's family residences are located at the north-eastern edge of the historic district of Old Montreal. In 1964, as part of a policy to commemorate the Fathers of Confederation, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada declared that the houses on Notre-Dame Street, which had been the residences of Sir George-Étienne Cartier and his family, were of national significance. Parks Canada purchased them in 1973 and established a research program to learn more about the times, life and work of this illustrious figure and the features of his Montreal residences. Inaugurated 23 years ago, SIR-GEORGE-ÉTIENNE-CARTIER NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE OF CANADA houses thematic exhibits on Cartier's career, his role as a Father of Confederation, legislator and business man, and a Victorian interior meticulously recreated in the spirit of the 1860's.

A Museum Tailor-made for Everyone...

Part of the Parks Canada Agency's national network, our site welcomes close to 20 000 visitors each year, about a third of which consist of organized groups (school groups of all levels, tourists, new Canadians learning French or English, seniors and other specific clienteles). Opening hours, on schedules varying by the seasons, are continuous over a nine months period -from April until the end of December- each year. More than ten different guided tours are offered to our very diverse clientele.

Interpretive Activities and Historical Animation
Memorable Visitor Experiences!

Domestic and lady in a Victorian living room Interpretation activity
inside the house

© Parks Canada /
Normand Rajotte

For the past few years, the Cartier House has presented to its visitors in summertime, Fall and also Christmas-time, an innovative approach in historical interpretation: live museum theatre. The reconstitution of Sir George-Étienne Cartier's living quarters consisting of a typical Victorian interior, and the ebullience of his times serve as the ideal back drop for this form of presenting living. Once again this year, nearly 4000 people of all ages will participate in our "etiquette lessons", answer our Wanted adds for "House personnel" and be part of the festive ambience of our Victorian Christmas activities....

Sir George-Étienne Cartier's biography and reason for the designation of his homes as a historic site of national significance (PDF 212Kb)

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