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Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site

Sir George-Étienne Cartier
George-Étienne Cartier, the Quebec Stalwart of the Grand Coalition
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Special Events 2014

Canada Day

July 1st

Celebrate the 147th anniversary of Canadian Confederation and commemorate George-Étienne Cartier 200th birthday.

As of 1 p.m.:

  • cake will be served in the courtyard of the Cartier house
  • launch of the new version of the audio and video guide Explora
  • Opening of the temporary exhibit Cartier, father of the Provinces

Free admission

Special Concert

September 6

Special concert on the 200th birthday of Cartier, who was born in Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu on September 6, 1814.

Lecture and Special Performances

September 6 and 7

"Cartier at the Charlottetown Conference: the Path to Confederation"

Lecture and special performances highlighting the role played by Cartier in 1864.

Lecture and Special Performances

October 10 and 11

"Cartier at the Quebec Conference : the Nation Builder"

Lecture and special performances recalling how Cartier was instrumental in the making of Canadian Confederation.