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Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site of Canada

Test Your knowledge

So you think you know the Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site, do you? We'll just see about that!

The following is a quiz for fun, which will test how well you've learned your history. Good luck!

  1. How many different groups of people have come through the Coteau-du-Lac area over the centuries?
    1. Four: Archaic period nomads, the Vikings, the French and the Dutch .
    2. Two: the French and the Amerindians.
    3. Three: the Amerindians, the French and the British.
  2. What three solutions did these groups offer to the navigation problem caused by the Coteau rapids?
    1. The Amerindians portaged across the point, the French constructed a "rigolet" canal, and the British built a lock canal.
    2. The Amerindians and the French portaged, and the British built a "rigolet canal."
    3. The Amerindians built a wood bridge, the French used "batteaux", and the British built the King's Way.
  3. At Coteau-du-Lac, in what year was work begun on the first lock canal in North America?
    1. In 1765.
    2. In 1779.
    3. In 1812.
  4. How long is this canal, how many locks does it have?
    1. It is 140 m long (including the entrance and exit basins), and has 8 locks.
    2. Total length is 25 m.
    3. It is 100 m long (including the entrance and exit basins), and has 3 locks.
  5. What were the two main types of watercraft which transited through the Coteau-du-Lac canal?
    1. The canoe and the Durham boat.
    2. The "batteau" and the Durham boat.
    3. The Durham boat and the steamboat.
  6. The Coteau-du-Lac canal was the first lock infrastructure created to facilitate navigation on the St. Lawrence River. What is the most recent such infrastructure?
    1. The Rideau Canal.
    2. The Cascades Canal.
    3. The St. Lawrence Seaway.
  7. During the American Revolution, many people wished to remain subjects of the British crown, and decided to leave the United States for Canada. More than 10 000 transited through Coteau-du-Lac. What name was given to this group?
    1. The Royalists.
    2. The Britannicists.
    3. The Loyalists.
  8. During which war did the British authorities decide to build the fortifications at Coteau-du-Lac?
    1. The American War of Independence (1776-1783).
    2. The War of 1812.
    3. The First World War (1914-1918).
  9. How many battles took place between the Americans and the British at Coteau-du-Lac during the War of 1812?
    1. Only one battle, with a garrison of 600 soldiers stationed at the fort.
    2. No battles whatsoever. The Americans were halted before they ever reached Coteau-du-Lac.
    3. Two battles.
  10. What is the name given to the octagonal military structure located on the point (a replica of which is open to visitors today), and which was used as an observation tower, a warehouse, a hospital and an ammunition depot?
    1. The barracks.
    2. The powder magazine.
    3. The blockhouse.