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Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site


Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site

Take a stroll through grounds dotted with archaeological remnants and imagine the lives of soldiers in the garrison at the beginning of the 19th century. Step into the blockhouse that served as the command post and watch the multimedia show. Visit the exhibition. This replica of the 1814 building overlooks the headland. Then, admire the river while enjoying a picnic with the family.

Featured Activities

The blockhaus

The Blockhaus Tour
Explore a military building which will surprise you! Multimedia presentation at the Blockhaus. An interactive summary of Coteau-du-Lac strategic place in the history of the country.

Fort of Coteau-du-Lac: Outdoor Circuit

Fort of Coteau-du-Lac: Outdoor Circuit
Discover the history of the Pointe de Coteau-du-Lac and explore the archaeological remains reminding the passageway of men since more than 7 000 years.

July 1st fireworks

Canada Day: July 1st
Canada Day at Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site is now a must. Celebrate this event by participating in family activities.

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