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Chambly Canal National Historic Site


Lock No. 8’s four gates will be replaced

Lock No. 8’s four gates will be replaced Lock No. 8’s four gates will be replaced
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Major works are planned

Chambly, Quebec, November 6, 2014 - Parks Canada wishes to inform the public that work is currently being done to replace lock No. 8’s four gates, at the Chambly Canal National Historic Site. This exceptional work, executed once or twice per generation, has become necessary to ensure user safety and the sustainability of the Canal’s facilities.

The workers are putting together the biggest puzzle they have ever done: lock gates weigh 5 tons each, which is the same weight as a full-grown elephant. Interesting fact: instead of being assembled in a factory, each gate is built on site, directly at the bottom of the lock. This method, recommended by the contractor, significantly minimizes handling, and saves workers a lot of time. Once assembled, the gates are lifted with a crane before being installed on their platform. Specialized machinery will be used to carry out this work, which requires a high level of expertise from both construction professionals and workers.

The work should be completed by the end of April. There will be no path closure or detour. To ensure the safety of users, work areas will be marked with cones. Parks Canada asks everyone to exercise patience and caution, in addition to respecting the temporary signage.

Parks Canada’s five historic canals in Quebec have played a key role in the commercial, industrial and social development of Canada. With their outstanding natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, these exceptional attractions have become a must for bike rides, picnics and walks for residents, hikers and boaters.