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The new Richelieu canals newsletter

February 26, 2014 – Chambly, Quebec – Quebec Waterways Unit

Parks Canada is proud to launch this year its brand new newsletter for the Richelieu canals, aimed at residents living near the Chambly Canal and Saint-Ours Canal national historic sites.

Named The Bollard, in reference to a nautical term, the newsletter will feature recent news related to canals on the Richelieu River, activity ideas, a calendar of events, historical vignettes, upcoming construction work, and much more.

This newsletter will only be available electronically. Regular publications will start up in May. Those interested can receive the publication for free through email by writing to

Quick Facts

  • The Bollard is intended for residents who live along the canals and those with an interest in Parks Canada’s historic canals in the Richelieu Valley.
  • The Bollard is a free electronic newsletter: Sign up, and don’t miss a beat!
  • Did you know? A bollard is a large cylindrical mass of cast steel with an enlarged head to prevent mooring lines from slipping off. Have a look next time you’re at the Chambly or Saint-Ours canals—there are about 10 of them!


“What a great way to kick off the 2014 season! The Government of Canada continues to work with partners and communities to help canals be a premier tourism destination, foster recreation and economic development, and ultimately build strong communities. The Bollard will give those interested the opportunity to follow the news on these historic sites which are practically in their backyards.” - Luc-André Mercier, Director, Quebec Waterways Unit, Parks Canada

Enjoy Winter Pleasures!

Come Get Moving at the Canal! Come Get Moving at the Canal!
© Parks Canada

CHAMBLY, Quebec, December 10, 2013 – Winter is at our doorstep, putting the spotlight on having fun in the great outdoors. Again this winter, Parks Canada will welcome three skating rinks on the Chambly Canal that will be managed, maintained, and supervised by the municipalities of Chambly and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Therefore, it will be possible to get moving on the ice, safely, in the identified locations. Discover the musical evenings at Lock No. 9!

Are you a snowmobile enthusiast?

Out of respect for the environment, as well as for safety reasons, you have to avoid to drive a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle on the ice, path, or banks of the Canal. Off-road vehicle users are asked to remain on the marked trails reserved for this purpose. Please note that from November 15 to April 15, although the path along the canal remains accessible, it is neither maintained nor supervised.

Timber of life

Parks Canada would also like to inform the public that he has to refrain from cutting and collecting wood, even dead wood, along the Chambly Canal. Did you know that dead wood left on the ground plays an important role in a forest’s lifecycle by providing essential rich nutrients to the soil as the wood decomposes? Nutrient-rich earth assists with new tree growth.

Have a wonderful winter!

The Chambly Canal: Experience it!

Passage of a Boat Through a Lock
Passage of a Boat Through
a Lock at Chambly Canal

© Parks Canada

Lockage Fees

Following extensive comments and ideas on the proposed canal lockage fee, Minister Kent announced on May 14, 2013, that Parks Canada will freeze recreational lockage fees along Canada's historic canals for three years at 2008 levels.

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Bridge No. 9 Wins a Steel Design Award of Excellence

The newly constructed Bridge No. 9 The newly constructed Bridge No. 9
© Parks Canada

Chambly, Quebec, October 16, 2012 - The newly constructed Bridge No. 9 providing access to Île Sainte-Marie and Île Sainte-Thérése has won theCanadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) 2012 Award of Excellence. This honour showcases the structure's efficiency, architectural expression, and construction.

This structure is the result of cooperation between Parks Canada and the City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu that offer their congratulations to Genivar and Public Works and Government Services Canada on their expertise, which transformed the initial vision into an outstanding achievement.

Bridge No. 9 was inspired by a lift bridge in operation in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. With contemporary styling, it exemplifies the ideal of continuity, reflecting a type of modern-day construction that blends perfectly with the historic landscape. Its hydraulic system works with vegetable oil, which is not harmful to wildlife or plants, and is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Inaugurated in September 2011, this new two-lane bridge provides better traffic flow than its predecessor, which had only one lane. The current bridge also has two separate overpasses for cyclists and pedestrians.

Free wireless Internet is now available at the Chambly Canal's Lock No. 9


To the delight of Richelieu area recreational boaters and waterfront residents, free wireless Internet access has been expanded, with its installation at nearby Alcide-Marcoux park and Place publique du Vieux-Saint-Jean, and extending to Lock No. 9 at the Chambly Canal National Historic Site, courtesy of the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Wi-Fi is now available daily throughout the summer season, from the May long weekend until Thanksgiving. You can now check and send e-mails, surf the Web, watch videos, and chat, all while enjoying the scenery along the canal. No password is required to use this network.

Free wireless Internet access is also available at the Atwater Quay of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site, on the corner of Atwater Avenue and Saint-Ambroise Street, courtesy of Parks Canada.

Cycling and Technology

Explore the Richelieu Valley on bicycle following various trails, including the 20 km that go through the Chambly Canal National Historic Site. Anyone can enjoy a virtual tour of attractions like Fort Chambly and Fort Lennox, thanks to the free application TRAILS2GO developed in cooperation with the Auberge Harris and available on iPhone, iPad and Android.