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Transcript for The Chambly Canal: Experience it!

(Start of video showing Parks Canada identifiers. Start of continuous music.

Chambly, Quebec, Canada. Around 9 a.m., on a sunny summer day. This first accelerated section of video presents two locks, one upstream and one downstream from the Chambly Canal National Historic Site’s Lock No. 1. We catch a glimpse of the Chambly Basin on the Richelieu River in the background.

The title “The Chambly Canal—Experience it!” fades in and fades out.

A mother and daughter, with their bicycles, stop to consult an interpretive panel near Lock No. 3.

Behind a safety fence, a mother, her daughter, and her son curiously observe the lock. We can see a marina and the Fort Chambly National Historic Site in the background.

A lock operator turns a crank while keeping an eye on the ongoing lockage of several boats.

We see foam on the rough water during the lockage process.

A lock operator wearing sunglasses turns the lock’s crank. The lock’s gates slowly open. Two boats, a bridge, and pedestrians in the background.

After their visit, the mother and her two young children walk alongside their bicycles towards the outer frame, retracing their steps.

The young boy, on his bicycle, turns onto Route verte No. 1, a bicycle path that goes through Parc des Ateliers located near the Chambly Canal National Historic Site. We can see large willow trees, a big tent, and open green space in the background.

Accelerated images, Bridge No. 9 opens to let a boat continue its way downstream.

A vertical camera motion portrays the immenseness of a willow tree’s foliage. A young family made up of a woman, two little girls and a boy is picnicking under the tree. Their bicycles lie in the grass, near the bike path in the background.

The two little girls kick their green and orange ball and blow into plastic wands to make soap bubbles.

Sitting on a park bench, the mother and three children, are eating ice cream cones.

Hot air balloons in a multitude of colors fill the sky while cyclists ride along the Chambly Canal’s bike path.

At dusk, fast-moving images show the calm water of the Chambly Canal’s Lock No. 1. The Canadian flag waves in the wind. The lockhouse, the silhouette of several trees, and the Chambly Basin are in the background.

Official Parks Canada credits. End of music.)

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