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Lachine Canal National Historic Site

Natural Wonders & Cultural Treasures

The Lachine Canal is much more than just a route bypassing the rapids of the same name. The Lachine Canal's history stretches over more than 150 years and takes several directions. It comes within the scope of the interdependence between shipping, industrialization and urbanization, which marked Montréal's development.

Urbanization of the South-West
Urbanization of the South-West
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The canal was the port of entry for a canal network that linked the Atlantic to the heart of the continent. It was one of the factors that made Montréal the cradle of the Canadian manufacturing industry.

The canal's location near the port and the development of its hydraulic power potential in addition to the availability of inexpensive labour, sufficient capital and the closeness of markets favoured the establishment of highly diversified businesses along its banks. Its development influenced the urbanization of the South-West of the island of Montréal.