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Transcript for Learn to Camp at Lachine Canal

(Start of video showing Parks Canada identifiers. Start of continuous music.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on a summer morning. Fast-moving images show several tents set up on Îlot Charlevoix at the Lachine Canal National Historic Site. The title “Learn to CAMP at the LACHINE CANAL” fades in and out. Kayakers navigate along the Canal.

In the centre of the campground, a father explains to his daughter how to set up a tent. Young adults and children are grouped around a table on which camping accessories are laid out: a propane cylinder, a lantern, frying pans, and cooking gear. A man presents the objects to the public.

Parka, Parks Canada’s mascot, plays with the children.

A mother and daughter walk along one of the Canal’s pedestrian paths, toward the camera. Several tents are set up in this urban park.

A sign reads “Tatouage Parcs Canada—Parks Canada Body Art” and many design models are available.

A Parks Canada employee is tattooing a woman’s forearm. A boy shows the camera the tattoo he just got on his right thigh. He then grabs a container containing baby powder and sprinkles some on the leg of an adult who also just got a tattoo.

We see the feet of four children who are balancing on a strip of fabric stretched between two trees. A man is holding their hands to help them.

A group of people wearing life jackets are preparing to navigate the Lachine Canal.

Aboard a rabaska canoe, people are rowing and participating in a special navigation activity presented by Parks Canada at the Lachine Canal National Historic Site.

A pedal boat and a small electric boat, both rented, float along the Lachine Canal, near the site where the tents are set up.

Two young girls chat, one inside the tent and one on the outside of the tent. The girl on the outside of the tent is holding a backpack in her hands.

A boy, wearing a sweater and a life jacket, is all smiles as he practices his rowing technique while on dry land.

Official Parks Canada credits. End of music.)

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