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Carillon Canal National Historic Site


Kayakers and pleasure boat sailing on the Carillon Canal

The Carillon Canal is a phenomenon in itself - fed by the water of the Ottawa River, the lock opens a 200 tonne guillotine gate to enable vessels to navigate an impressive 20-metre drop!

Have a family picnic amid a scenic landscape, then browse the old barracks which are now a museum. Curious to see a gigantic power station facility up close? Visits are free of charge.

Featured Activities

Lockage in progess at the Carillon Canal

Come see a boat drop 20 metres down a river through the Carillon Canal
Imagine a boat navigating a 20 metre drop in just 40 minutes! Witness this impressive manoeuvre at the Carillon lock.

Picnic with family on canal banks

Picnic with a view of the Carillon Canal
Immerse yourself in early 19th century atmosphere as you walk through the village of Carillon after picnicking in a country setting. Stop at the museum to discover the lifestyles of the area’s former inhabitants.

A couple is consulting an interpretation islet at Carillon Canal

The canal, the power station and the barracks: three historic monuments at Carillon
Three historic sites link engineering and history: the canal, which opened the way for trade, the hydroelectric power station that provides energy, and the barracks - now a museum - that tell of daily life in another era.

Selfies on a red chair

We've saved you a seat!
Since the summer of 2015, Parks Canada has installed a series of red Adirondack chairs at the Carillon Canal so that visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the imposing lock and the rich historical and natural heritage of this exceptional site. What are you waiting for to discover them?

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