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Province House National Historic Site of Canada

Fathers of Confederation

Note: This list includes the names of the Fathers of Confederation who attended the Charlottetown, Quebec and London Conferences.

The Charlottetown Conference September 1 to 8, 1864

The Quebec Conference October 10 to 29, 1864

The London Conference December 6 to 24, 1866

The British North American Act signed March 29, 1867 effective July 1, 1867

ProvinceName of FatherYear of Birth - DeathCharlottetown ConferenceQuebec ConferenceLondon Conference
Prince Edward Island George Coles 1810-1875 X X  
Prince Edward Island Colonel John Hamilton Gray 1811-1887 X X  
Prince Edward Island Andrew Archibald Macdonald 1829-1912 X X  
Prince Edward Island Edward Palmer 1808-1889 X X  
Prince Edward Island William Henry Pope 1825-1879 X X  
Prince Edward Island Thomas Heath Haviland 1822-1895   X  
Prince Edward Island Edward Whelan 1824-1867   X  
Nova Scotia Sir Adams Archibald 1814-1892 X X X
Nova Scotia Robert B. Dickey 1811-1903 X X  
Nova Scotia William Henry 1816-1888 X X X
Nova Scotia Jonathan McCully 1809-1877 X X X
Nova Scotia John Ritchie 1808-1890     X
Nova Scotia Sir Charles Tupper 1821-1915 X X X
Newfoundland Sir Frederick Carter 1819-1900   X  
Newfoundland Sir Ambrose Shea 1815-1905   X  
New Brunswick Edward Chandler 1800-1880 X X  
New Brunswick Charles Fisher 1808-1880   X X
New Brunswick John Hamilton Gray 1814-1889 X X  
New Brunswick John Johnson 1818-1868 X X X
New Brunswick Peter Mitchell 1824-1899   X X
New Brunswick William Steeves 1814-1873 X X  
New Brunswick Sir S. Leonard Tilley 1818-1896 X X X
New Brunswick Robert Wilmot 1809-1891     X
Canada George Brown 1818-1880 X X  
Canada Sir Alexander Campbell 1822-1892 X X  
Canada Sir George-Etienne Cartier 1814-1873 X X X
Canada Jean-Charles Chapais 1811-1885   X  
Canada James Cockburn 1819-1883   X  
Canada Sir Alexander Galt 1817-1893 X X X
Canada Sir William Howland 1811-1907     X
Canada Sir Hector Langevin 1826-1906 X X X
Canada Sir John A. Macdonald 1815-1891 X X X
Canada William McDougall 1822-1905 X X X
Canada Thomas D'Arcy McGee 1825-1868 X X  
Canada Sir Oliver Mowat 1820-1903   X X
Canada Sir Etienne-P. Tache 1795-1865   X