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Parks Canada in Northern Ontario

shoreLINES: Stories from our guides and guardians

shoreLINES is a quarterly newsletter intended to keep our partners and stakeholders informed about Parks Canada's activities and heritage places in Northern Ontario.

Anishinaabe Culture Presentation Series
By Joshua LeClair

Pukaskwa National Park, in the heart of Anishinaabe nation, proudly presents ‘Anishinaabe Culture Presentation Series’. The speaker series, invites visitors to meet talented local First Nation members, artisans and elders, who are enthusiastic to share their Anishinaabe culture through interactive, hands-on workshops. Parks Canada is so excited to offer the series we couldn’t wait until summer 2016 to tell everyone about it!

Hot New Fire Exhibit!
By Cindy Ellen Crawford and Kristy McKay

Taking care of the vast stretches of boreal forest that make up the back country of Pukaskwa National Park is, for the most part, behind the scenes work, out of the immediate reach of our many visitors and the general public. For this reason, the Northern Ontario Field Unit Fire Management team and External Relations have partnered to design a new fire exhibit that will help bring the magic to you!

Alive and Well
By Stephanie Koroscil

A little more than 3 years ago, a prescribed fire was conducted in Pukaskwa's front country. What happens after the smoke settles over a patch of charred forest, when a fire has been extinguished, and three years have gone by? The prescribed fire site will look VERY different, that's for sure!

Urban Forest
By Miranda Aelick

Today, it may be hard to imagine that the process of building the Sault Ste. Marie Canal 120 years ago caused great damage, and left the site with little greenery or trees. During construction, St. Mary’s Island was bisected by the excavation of the 2 kilometre long canal, and much of the material being removed was deposited on the island.