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Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Parks Canada volunteers are great!

Heather Kendall
 Heather Kendall
© Parks Canada


When I noticed the request for volunteer photographers at the Parks Canada’s Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site in the local newspaper, my interest was aroused. I’ve had a love for photography since adolescence, and, more recently, was a reporter/photographer for a community newspaper. I have often walked the trails at the Canal, and thought I could make a contribution. It turned out to be a wonderful experience, and the main reason was the staff.

My initial contact was Jeanette Cowen, Interpretation Coordinator at the Sault Canal. Her friendly demeanour and positive attitude convinced me that volunteering for Parks Canada would be a good fit. As I covered events - like Canada Day and the Heritage Teas - I met many more Parks staff. Each time, I was impressed with how welcoming they all were; if I wanted to get a particular shot, they were happy to accommodate me. I had a great time documenting the special events, the flora and fauna, and the buildings and equipment at the Lock through the camera’s lens. The Canal has always been a fascinating place to visit, but the staff makes it a place to remember.

Heather Kendall
Volunteer Photographer