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Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Ontario Curriculum Expectations Met

Science & Technology

Grade Five: Science and Technology

Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms

Specific Expectations:

  • identify and measure forces acting on a structure (i.e. mass, air pressure), and describe the effects of their application
  • identify the parts of a structure that are under tension and those that are under compression when subjected to a load

Developing Skills in Inquiry, Design and Communication

  • identify needs and problems related to structures and mechanisms in the outdoor environment, and explore possible answers and solutions (i.e. construct a bridge that must support a given load across a given distance)
  • use appropriate vocabulary, including correct science and technology terminology, in describing their investigations and observations
  • communicate the procedures and results of investigations for specific purposes and to specific audiences, using media works, written notes and descriptions, drawings, charts, and oral presentations (i.e. give a presentation on the process of designing and making a specific structure)
  • design and make a frame structure that can support a load (i.e. a bridge)

Relating Science and Technology to the World Outside the School

  • describe the change in energy transfer that occurs when the number and the size of gears in a gear system are modified

Grade Five: Language

Oral Communication
Overall Expectations

  • listen in order to understand and respond appropriately in a variety of situations for a variety of purposes;
  • use speaking skills and strategies appropriately to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes;