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Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Ontario Curriculum Expectations Met

Science and Technology
The Arts
Social Studies

Grade Four: Science and Technology

Structures and Mechanisms - Pulleys and Gears

Specific Expectations:
Understanding Basic Concepts

  • describe, using their observations, the functions of pulley systems and gear systems (i.e. make changes in direction, speed, and force possible)
  • describe, using their observations, how gears operate in one plane (i.e. spur gears, idle gears) and in two planes (i.e. crown, bevel or worm gears)

Developing Skills of Inquiry, Design and Communication

  • use appropriate vocabulary, including correct science and technology terminology, to describe their investigations
  • communicate the procedures and results of investigations for specific purposes and to specific audiences, using media works, written notes and descriptions, drawings, charts and oral presentations
  • design and make a system of pulleys and/or gears for a structure that moves in a prescribed and controlled way (i.e. fast, straight) and performs a specific function

Relating Science and Technology to the World Outside School

  • compare in qualitative terms the performance of various mechanical systems (i.e. a block-and-tackle system, a single-pulley system), and describe how they are used
  • demonstrate awareness that finishing techniques can adversely affect the performance of a mechanical system (i.e. problems result if paint gets into a gear system)
  • identify common devices and systems that incorporate pulleys (i.e. clotheslines, flagpoles) and/or gears (bicycles, hand drills, wind up clocks)

Grade Four: Mathematics

Geometry and Spatial Sense

Specific Expectations:
Geometric Relationships

  • construct a three-dimensional figure from a picture or model of the figure, using connecting cubes (e.g., use connecting cubes to construct a rectangular prism);


Specific Expectations:
Measurement Relationships

  • solve problems involving the relationship between years and decades, and between decades and centuries (Sample problem: How many decades old is Canada?);

Grade Four: The Arts

Visual Arts

Specific Expectations:
Critical Thinking

  • describe how a variety of artists working in different styles and media and in different historical periods have used the elements of design and/or tools, materials, and techniques of their art (i.e. describe buildings made in different historical periods and show how the availability of certain materials influenced the designers or architects).

Grade Four: Social Studies

Canada and World Connections - Canada's Provinces, Territories and Regions Specific Expectations

Knowledge and Understanding

  • explain how the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes systems shape or influence the human activity of their surrounding area (e.g., with respect to transportation, industry, recreation, commercial fishing);
  • identify Ontario's major natural resources and their uses and management (e.g., water, for hydroelectricity and recreation);

Map, Globe, and Graphic Skills

  • locate on a map of Ontario and label the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water and waterways (e.g., Hudson Bay, James Bay, the Ottawa River);
  • construct maps of transportation routes between local communities within a region (i.e. rail, road, water, air)