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Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Enhanced Education Programs

Simple Machines: Pulleys, Gears, Screws - Grade Four

Lego Models © Parks Canada Summer 2000

Children will investigate the original machinery of 1895 installed in the motorhouses to learn how the pulleys, gears and screws are used even today to operate the lower gates of the lock. The lessons learned are reinforced with an experiential learning activity: building a LEGO model of these simple machines.

Curriculum Expectations Met

Bridges and Structures - Grade Five

© Parks Canada Summer 2000

Students will explore the world's only remaining Emergency Swing Dam while learning about the unique dam structure's technological engineering achievements and how it was made famous in 1909. Parks Canada heritage presenters will challenge your students by constructing a custom designed LEGO model of the dam.

Curriculum Expectations Met

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