Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site

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Geocaching - Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour

Geocaching is a fun and rewarding outdoor adventure that combines hiking and treasure hunting. The goal is to find hidden containers known as geocaches using a Global Positioning System (GPS) device or GPS-enabled mobile phone. Geocaching is a great family activity that provides excitement, exercise, and fresh air.

A GeoTour is a series of related geocaches along a route or in a region that tell a story. The Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour isn’t your typical history lesson. Get ready to explore Northern Ontario and discover how it’s people, places and events shaped the Canada we know today. Find the caches, answer the questions, collect at least 100 points, and you’ll be eligible for a collectible Heritage Hide‘n’Seek geocoin.

On your next road trip across Northern Ontario, discover Canada’s wonderful heritage—one treasure at a time.
© Parks Canada


  1. Print your passport (link to PDF 400kb).
  2. Obtain more information on the caches from Joining is free. Search by geocaching code (GC) found on the passport. 
  3. Find caches along your travel route(s) throughout Northern Ontario. 
  4. Sign the logbook inside the cache. 
  5. Answer the corresponding question on the passport. 
  6. You can log your findings on 
  7. Send your completed passport to: Parks Canada – GeoTour, 105 – 33 Court Street South, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 2W6

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