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Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada

The History of the Rideau Canal


Specifications of the Lockstation:

Single lock with a lift of nine feet.

The Construction of the Lockstation:

Davis Lock - full
Davis Lock - full
©Parks Canada / Steve Weir / Rideau Canal

Construction at the Davis Lockstation was carried out by John Drummond between 1827 and 1831. Davis lock is situated four miles upstream from Jones Falls and, prior to construction, was the location of a sawmill established by William Davis Jr. in about 1818-1820. Similar to several other mill sites along the Rideau, Davis' mill was bought out by Colonel By and destroyed by the construction of the canal.

The Structures of the Lockstation:

Lockmaster's House: The defensible lockmaster's house is a single storey stone buildings with later additions to accommodate the needs of lockmasters and their families. Alone among the defensible lockmasters' houses built on the Rideau, it retains its loopholes.

Engineering Structures: The lockstation consists of a single lock to lift boats from Sand Lake to Opinicon Lake. In conjunction with the lock, a sixteen foot high dam was built to raise the water level in Opinicon Lake, along with a waste weir to regulate the water level above the dam.