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Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Happy Halloween from the Rideau Canal!

The Rideau Canal has a long history of being a great place to visit and spend time with the family. In operation for over 180 years, stories pass down from generation to generation, ranging from the fun to the mysterious. With Halloween around the corner let’s take a look at the spooky and mysterious aspects of the Rideau. Prepare to be chilled!

Ghost Stories on the Rideau

Lady in Blue...

The red-haired lady in blue, Kathleen McBride, arrived in Burritts Rapids sometime in the 1860s on an early summer's day, long after the Irish labourers and the British army had finished the Rideau Canal. Kathleen McBride took a room in the hotel beside the canal bridge. She rented one room and the maid reported that she had brought with her only one of everything- one blue dress, one pair of shoes, one brush, one suitcase.

Throughout her stay, Kathleen spoke to no one. All summer and into the fall, her flowing red tresses and long trailing blue gown travelledslowly on the path from tip to tip. Many a long hour she spent, standing on the upriver hill at the end of the island. She would look out over the Rideau River where the water divides, part into the canal and part downriver to the dam. Often, she stood at the dam watching the water roaring down the sluiceway as it released the surplus water. Most other time was spent walking the mile along the bank of the canal and the river, searching the water. What was she searching for, a son, a husband, a lover? Where could he have gone? Was he one of the many killed by accident during the canal construction? Did he die of the dreaded fever? Had he wandered off, work done, to seek a new life somewhere in America?

Kathleen went out for her last search on the moonlit night of October 31st, with frost crisp underfoot and the water bright and cold. She searched and searched, we know not where or why. Two days later a torn piece of blue satin dress was found on the bank, where the new bridge crosses the river in the middle of the village. In those days most of the countryside was forest, and wild animals abounded. Kathleen McBride might have drowned or been eaten by the bears.

As the years went by, whispers spread that on moonlit nights on the tip to tip trail near the dam, and near the little hill at the top end, Kathleen appears. The red-haired lady in blue still searches, walking or floating through the air, with her torn dress clutched to her breast. Some have been close enough to feel the chill in the air as she passes by. Some have been close enough to hear a tiny keening cry as she searches on. As the decades pass, the sightings still continue. So, if by chance you venture out on a summer's eve and she passes you by in the moonlight, please move to the side so you don't hinder her everlasting search.

Who's haunting Bytown?

The Bytown Museum

Located at Ottawa Locks on the Rideau Canal, the Commissariat building is the oldest stone building in Ottawa and is one of the most convincingly haunted buildings in the city.

The Commissariat

Thomas MacKay built this building in 1827 to house the military supplies and money needed for the construction of the canal from Ottawa to Kingston.

It was one of the first buildings constructed on the canal. The building is now home to the Bytown Museum which allows visitors to Canada’s capital to explore the stories of an evolving city and its residents from its early days as Bytown to present day Ottawa. But as Ottawa’s most haunted building, the Bytown Museum also attracts visitors from around the world hoping for a ghost encounter...

According to the Haunted Walk of Ottawa, one of the most common supernatural experiences is the sound of heavy footsteps behind them on the stairs. When they stop and turn around, although no one is there, the footsteps still continue for a step or two.

© Bytown Paranormal

Could it be a canal worker?
Or perhaps Colonel By himself?

Halloween at Rideau Hall

This Halloween night, clowns, fortune tellers, snake charmers and many other creatures are setting up shop at Rideau Hall!

From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., you are invited to explore the Haunted Circus inside the Visitor Centre. Explore this creepy carnival: make your way through the funhouse maze and past the sword swallower, get your fortune told, and see what other scary characters are waiting for you.

Rideau Hall staff will be on hand to distribute goodies to visitors of all ages.

Did you know? Rideau Hall is another national historic site built by Rideau Canal contractor, Thomas McKay and has been the official residence and workplace of every governor general since 1867.

Where: Visitor Centre, Thomas Gate, 1 Sussex Drive, Ottawa
When: Friday, October 31, 2014, from 5 PM to 8 PM
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