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Fort Malden National Historic Site

Information Bulletin - Hough House Update

AMHERSTBURG, ONTARIO, July 15, 2014 – The Hough House, located within the boundaries of Fort Malden National Historic Site, served several decades as a museum showcasing an extensive collection of Parks Canada’s War of 1812 and Rebellion of 1837-38 artefacts. Currently, those artefacts are accessible and on display at our Visitor Orientation Centre while construction takes place on the historic house. The rest of the site, including the fort grounds and soldiers’ barracks, are open and fully operational.

For 200 years, fortifications at Fort Malden National Historic site have witnessed and participated in the struggles which helped forge a new nation out of the North American wilderness. Fort Malden is part of a national system of treasured places that Parks Canada preserves and protects for the enjoyment of Canadians and of future generations.

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