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Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada

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Fort Malden Museum
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Welcome to Fort Malden. As you enter our front gates you see the original Fort Malden Museum, built in 1939.

The Visitor Orientation Centre
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The Visitor Orientation Centre was constructed in "Old French Chateau" style in 1939. It now contains a small auditorium and the Garrsion Gift Shop.

The Military Pensioner's Cottage
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The Military Pensioner's Cottage, circa 1851. After the British regulars left the fort, they were replaced by Enrolled Pensioners. These men and their families settled on the military reserve around the fort, in 88 uniformly built cottages.

The remnants of the earthworks
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The remnants of the earthworks surrounding the fort date from the Rebellion of 1837. This view is from the northwest bastion onto to the parade square. The brick soldier's barracks is in the background.

The Interpretation Centre
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The Interpretation Centre was erected on the grounds of the fort as a laundry for the Fort Malden Lunatic Asylum established in 1859. After the asylum closed, the building became a planing mill. In 1918 the structure was sold and converted into a family residence.