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Laurier House National Historic Site of Canada

VI: Supplementary Resources


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This will take you to the other homes of Laurier or King. (LHN Sir Wilfrid Laurier in Ville-des-Laurentides, Québec; Le musée Laurier in Victoriaville (formerly Arthabaska), Québec; Woodside NHS (King) in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario).

Mackenzie King Estate, Gatineau Park:

National Archives of Canada at .
Both the section on "War" and the sub-site "First Among Equals: Canada's Prime Ministers" (go to the archives site, click in your language choice, click on people and click on First Among Equals) offer lots of information.

Federal Department of Veterans Affairs, Canada at

Books On Laurier

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On Mackenzie King

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On the Prime Ministers of Canada

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