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HMCS Haida National Historic Site

Natural Wonders & Cultural Treasures

Built to Canadian Standards
Built to Canadian Standards
© Photo courtesy of Parks Canada

Built to Canadian Standards

For their time, the Tribals were very sophisticated warships. Well-armed, they were equipped with the most up to date detection and communications technology. They were also fast, handy, and beautiful! The RCN wanted the basic design improved to meet the special requirements of serving in Canadian waters, so the Canadian Tribals were designed with features such as thicker hull plates to withstand ice. And they benefitted from improvements in radar and sonar technology.

The Canadian ships were referred to as ‘Improved Tribals', and they stood the test of time. Britain began to scrap her Tribals as early as 1946, but the Canadian Tribals, with some refitting, remained serviceable and valuable elements in Canada's defense until the mid-1960s.

That is one element of Haida's importance: she is the last of the Tribal class destroyers. The other nationally significant element is her role in naval combat.