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HMCS Haida National Historic Site

Natural Wonders & Cultural Treasures

Haida at work
© Photo courtesy of Department of National Defence

Service Post-WWII

Converted after the war to a destroyer-escort, (DDE) and bearing the new pennant number 215, HMCS Haida served two tours of duty in the Korean War. In co-operation with the navies of other nations in the UN forces, her duties included blockading supply lines, protecting aircraft carriers and ‘train busting': blowing up communist supply trains as they sped between the cover of railway tunnels.

The final few years of Haida's professional career were full of variety, not violence. In 1949 she rescued the crew of a downed US B-29 bomber. Throughout the 1950s she participated in numerous training missions with vessels from other NATO partners, and visited many cities, including her old home port of Plymouth, representing Canada on goodwill missions.