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Fort George National Historic Site of Canada

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An explanation of the units in the Teachers package.

Unit 3 The War Turns Lesson Plan- Parent Guardian Take home Interview.

This lesson begins with a parent/ guardian take home interview which encourages students to take a hard look at their lives before visiting Fort George and enables the student to recognise (in a personally relevant fashion) the difference between the lives of settlers and themselves. The interview is designed to create a critical thinking approach to a visit to Fort George, and prepares students with questions to ask during an experience at the Fort.

The materials provided on our web page discuss the American success during the 1813-year, and cover information about the same various groups of settlers and Loyalists during 1813 and focuses on the development of Niagara and Fort George.

Unit 3 continues with a time line of events for the year 1813, charts of command structure (so you see the change in the hierarchical structure) and charts of land and naval battles. The charts are reference materials like the set in unit 2. The unit concludes with some biographical material on some of the significant figures (Laura Secord, Lieutenant James FitzGibbon) of the 1813 calendar year.

Table of Contents for Teachers' Package - Paragraph headings

The War Turns (1813)
Lesson Plan - Take home Interview
Overall Objectives Concepts and skills
Some possible ways of proceeding
Take Home Parent/Guardian Interview.
Questions for Unit 3 *1813 unit quiz T / F *Worksheets for Fort George Education programs *

* All questions, quizzes and charts have keys.

Materials on the Web page and on the C.D.Rom
Across the Atlantic Defending Upper Canada Natives Western Tribes Grand River Black soldiers on the Niagara Frontier Militia and Fencibles Niagara
Map - 1819 map illustrating the American trench lines at Fort George.

1813 Time line
Map - The Campaign of 1813
Map - Battles in the Niagara region 1813

1. Some prominent figures of the British Command Structure in 1813
2. Some prominent figures of the American Command Structure in 1813
3. 1813 Land actions
4. Naval Campaigns 1813

Captain Robert Heriot Barclay
Captain Dominique Ducharme
Lieutenant James FitzGibbon
Brigadier General George McClure
Oliver Hazard Perry
Laura Secord