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Fort George National Historic Site

Day Programs

The Day Program is a more intensive look into life as a soldier on the Niagara Frontier. The Day Program starts at 10:00 and includes our Orientation video followed by the group marching into the Fort to their barracks room (where lunches and materials can be stored). Students are issued with a red coat and they (and the Barracks space) will be inspected periodically. Students then go for a tour of the site and then eat their lunches in the Barracks room. (Lunch is not provided, please bring your own - the Friends of Fort George store has books, souvenirs, drinks and candy but very little in the way of Lunch'). Lunch is a half hour in duration.

In the afternoon, groups have two 40 minute workshops. There are 8 workshops to choose from (listed at the end of this package). Our normal offer includes the Artillery and Drill workshops. The program concludes at 2:00 when the coats are returned and the group leaves.

Day Program Schedule

Groups of 30 students will be kept as a single group
TimesGroup AGroup B
10:00-10:25 Arrival, pay, watch the video
10:25-11:00 Washroom break, drop off lunches, issue coats-Top floor Depot B.H.2 [Possibility of some foot drill if there is extra time.]
11:00-12:00 Site tour
12:00-12:30 Lunch Top floor Depot (not provided)
12:30-1:10 Workshop 1 Workshop 2
1:10-1:20 Break
1:20- 2:00 Workshop 2 Workshop 1
2:00 Return coats, tidy barracks, pick up personal materials, departure.
  • Day Program runs from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm
  • Lunch is not provided - please bring your own. We do provide a heated place to have lunch.
  • Maximum 60 students for this programme
  • Complementary pass for one chaperone for every 10 students/youths

For information or bookings please call (905) 468 - 6614.