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Fort George National Historic Site of Canada



Joseph Brant Thayendanegea' (1743 - 1807)

1743- born in Cuyahoga (Cleveland), Ohio Count

  • a Mohawk of the Wolf Clan. Both parents had Wyandot (Huron) background
  • on the death of his father, mother returned to Canajoharie Castle, Mohawk River, New York Province
    Occupation: traditional Mohawk hunter / warrior
  • junior war chief in 1775 to major Mohawk war chief at end of Revolution
  • educated in English. Served as Guy Johnson's Six Nations' Indian Department secretary in 1775
  • devout Anglican, he and Daniel Claus translated the Book of Common Prayer into Mohawk
  • led 300 + men in Brant's Volunteers
  • major negotiator for British Indian Department and American Government on meetings with Western Indian Tribe
  • substantial landowner on Grand River and Burlington, Ontario

1754 - 1763 - junior warrior to principal warrior in defeat of French and submission of the Pontiac Uprising

1775 - left Mohawk Valley with Guy Johnson (cousin of Sir John Johnson), John Butler and went to Montreal

  • helped in defence of Montreal against Ethan Allen
  • went to England with Guy Johnson as representative of Six Nations
  • met the King and Government to present Indian grievances

1776 - arrived at Long Island New York Province with Sir William Howe

  • served with distinction at Battle of Long Island
  • travelled through rebel region to Indian territory
  • recruited throughout Indian settlement for support of British

1777 - organized 300 + white and natives known as Brant's Volunteers

  • joined in St. Leger Expedition against Fort Stanwix (Rome N.Y)
  • key participant in Battle of Oriskany

1778 - raided extensively on New York frontier

  • destroyed German flats on Mohawk River
  • prevented atrocities at Cherry Valley Raid

1779 - raids on New York frontiers

  • defended against Sullivan / Clinton (rebel) Expedition that destroyed most of the settlements in Indian Territory

1780 - continued raids into enemy territory

  • Brant and volunteers assist Sir John Johnson in destruction of grain harvest in Schoharie and Mohawk Valley
  • key participant in the Battle of Stone Arabia

1781- operated in Ohio County and out of Detroit (Western outpost)

  • built Anglican church near Fort Niagara for native refugees

1782 - Brant's Volunteers help rebuild Fort Ontario, Oswego, N.Y.(Western outposts)

  • leads last raid into the Mohawk Valley

1783 - helps calm Indians over peace settlement which ignored their needs and desires

1784 - lead migration of Iroquois and allies into Grand River settlement

  • Brant was an advocate of unity amongst the Six Nations and Western Tribes. He sought a confederacy amongst these people but was thwarted by disputes amongst his own people, other nations, Governor Simcoe, and the Canadian and British Governments

1807 - dies in self imposed exile, Burlington Bay.