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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site


Special Events

2016 — Celebrate Women

The year marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Canada. To highlight this milestone in our history, Parks Canada joins partners in the celebration of historic and contemporary women whose lives have touched Cape Breton Island.

The 2016 events that are specially marked (♀) will have a component that acknowledges women's contributions and raises awareness of what they have accomplished.

Special Events


June 9-12
Roots to Boots Festival
Hiking, music and stories in Louisbourg and Chéticamp
June 18
Louisbourg Celebrates: Mi'kmaw Mawiomi
June 25-26
Learn to Camp


July 1
Canada Day
Free admission
July 7, 14, 28
Louisbourg Live: Murder Mystery 
(Thursday evenings)
July 16
Parks Day
A time to enjoy our natural and cultural treasures
July 22-24
A multicultural fair from the 1700s
July 31
Storm the Fortress
Motorcyclists invade the Fortress at dusk!


August 4, 11, 18, 25
Louisbourg Live: Murder Mystery 
(Thursday evenings)
August 13
Louisbourg Celebrates: Pride Day
August 13
Fab Forts
Spotlight on historic military strongholds
August 13
Race Through Time
13 km race through the Fortress and the modern town
August 20
The Great Louisbourg Sleepover
Overnight camping with entertainment
August 21
Feast of Saint Louis
A traditional feast with a new twist


September 1
Louisbourg Live: Murder Mystery 
(Thursday evenings)
September 3
Hammer In
Blacksmithing festival
September 8
Katharine McLennan Award
September 17
Louisbourg Live: Fortress Feast
A distinctive fundraising event
September 20, 27
Louisbourg Live: Haunted Louisbourg Tour
(Tuesday evenings)


October 4, 11, 18, 25
Louisbourg Live: Haunted Louisbourg Tour
(Tuesday evenings)
October 9
Step Into the Past
Celtic Colours International Festival
October 12
Connecting Threads
18th century fibre craft workshops
October 14
Music of the Night
Celtic Colours International Festival


December 4
Louisbourg Celebrates: The Holidays