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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada

Hiking Through History

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Hiking Through History: The Art and Science of Defending a Fortress

One well-known aspect of Louisbourg's history is undoubtedly the capture of the town during the sieges of 1745 and 1758. Discover siege warfare on an actual 18th century battlefield that has remained intact for centuries. This unique historical hike will take you outside the walls to have a look at the Vauban-style fortifications and the science behind the famous engineer's work. All that while exercising in the fresh air of Louisbourg!


Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
3:30 p.m.
July 1 to Labour Day


$3.90 taxes included (entrance fees are separate)

To book:

By phone: 902-733-3552
By email:
The experience can also be purchased on site at the De la Plagne House (#34) if available.