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Fort Anne National Historic Site


Self-Guided Tours

Discover what makes Fort Anne a unique place to visit. We encourage you to pick up a site map at the Officers' Quarters and explore the site at your own pace. The booklet Capitol, Colony and Bastion: The story of Fort Anne National Historic Site, Canada’s Oldest National Historic Site  is a great self-guiding resource and is available for purchase at the Officers' Quarters.

To get to know the full scale of the fort, plan to spend a minimum of two hours at the site. Consider spending an entire day if you wish to take advantage of the exhibits, have a leisurely tour of the site’s grounds and visit nearby attractions.

Seek and Find

Turn your family’s visit into a treasure hunt by searching for special Fort Anne items. Ask at the reception desk for a Seek and Find checklist and start crossing things off as you explore the site!



Calling all kids! Want to take part in a Parks Canada-wide adventure? Complete the activities at each of the Parks Canada Sites and you can get a special collectable souvenir! Collect them all and trade with your friends. Can you do it? We think so! Click here for more information.

Candlelight Graveyard Tours

presented by the Historical Association of Annapolis Royal

Officers' Quarters and tombstone Experience Fort Anne at night
© Parks Canada

 A 19th-century mourner and candlelight lanterns set the mood for these seasonal tours in the Fort Anne Garrison graveyard. Examine some of the stones in one of the oldest English cemeteries in Canada and learn more about the lives and customs of the people who shaped Fort Anne and the region. Tours are offered June to October. Admission is charged. 

More information: Historical Association of Annapolis Royal Candlelight Graveyard Tours