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Fort Anne National Historic Site


Follow this young family in their adventures at Fort Anne and Port-Royal National Historic Sites as they experience and discover the incredible stories of Canada’s past in beautiful Annapolis Royal. Located within close proximity to each other, both sites offer a ton of great activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. This video features but a fraction of them.

Officers' Quarters museum at Fort Anne National Historic Site at night

At Fort Anne, the grassy Parade Square and impressive earthen ramparts are mainly quiet today. But they have witnessed four centuries of tumultuous history. Inside the fort’s museum, housed inside a 1797 officers’ quarters, visitors can learn how Europe’s powers battled for the coveted site for literally hundreds of years. Outside, explore the fort’s defensive banks, moats and bastions and, after dark, take a guided, candlelit tour of the Garrison Graveyard.

Featured Activities

Visitor and interpreter examining the tapestry at Fort Anne
Discover Military History and Culture
Located in a restored 1797 officers’ quarters, the Fort Anne museum houses artifacts and exhibits documenting nearly four centuries of history. Learn about battles and sieges while glimpsing the hardscrabble daily lives of fort occupants.
Children trying on wooden shoes inside the Officers' Quarters museum at Fort Anne
Bring the Past Alive
History can be more than just a collection of dates, names and artifacts in display cases. Centuries of strife and struggle come alive at Fort Anne with uniquely interactive activities, self-guided experiences and scenic walks through the grounds.