Signal Hill National Historic Site of Canada

Facilities and Services

The Signal Hill Visitor Centre was re-opened to the public on Parks Day 2006. The modernized exhibit introduces the Signalman, who tells visitors the site's stories throughout the exhibits and film. Visitors are invited to learn about Signal Hill's prominent role in military and communications history. They will discover fascinating details on everything from the French attacks on St. John's in the 1600s to the Second World War, when the Hill was manned by American and Canadian soldiers. There is something for everyone at the Visitor Centre. Children and adults alike will enjoy the interactive displays and kiosks where they can send their own messages and even fire a cannon!

Bilingual service is available year round. The Visitor Centre, washrooms and Lookout Trail are wheelchair accessible. Washrooms are located in the Visitor Centre. Because of the historic architecture of Cabot Tower, it is not wheelchair accessible.

Gift Shop: In Cabot Tower, visit the Heritage Gift Shop operated by the Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador where you can purchase Newfoundland crafts, jams, souvenirs and much more. Gift shop is closed mid-January to end of March. Call during these months to confirm.

The Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA) operates a ham radio station during the summer months from the second floor of Cabot Tower, commemorating Marconi's great wireless feat in 1901.

Signal Hill Tattoo: This colourful and exciting demonstration of drills, tactics and ceremony of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Foot is a must-see. Dressed in full military costume circa 1795, the soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Foot treat audiences to a military concert by the Regimental fifes and drums. Infantry soldiers demonstrate the musket, drills and battle formations of the time. The Artillery adds to the performance with an exhibition of cannon fire. Where better to hold this spectacle of military prowess than at Signal Hill National Historic Site of Canada, where the Regiment was garrisoned? Here, in 1796, they held the high ground in the defence of St. John's.

Every summer, from early July to mid-August, the Signal Hill Tattoo is presented at the performance field adjacent the Visitor Centre. Performances take place (weather permitting) every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

New ! Signal Hill Visitor Center now has a canteen! Come on in to enjoy a hot coffee, a comforting soup or a delicious Panini. These are all great ways to complete your visit of Signal Hill. You will also have the opportunity to taste Newfoundland traditional plates. For information and opening hours please call (709) 772-5367.