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Signal Hill National Historic Site

Summer Activities at Signal Hill

Activities 2014

Signal Hill Tattoo
Noon Day Gun
Camp of Instruction
Ghosts of Signal Hill
Tasting at Signal Hill
Parks Day
Learn to Camp
Daily Guided Tours
Canada Day Sunrise Ceremony
Shakespeare By The Sea Festival

Signal Hill Tattoo

Signal Hill Tattoo Signal Hill Tattoo
© Parks Canada

This summer the Signal Hill Tattoo is introducing a new and exciting performance program covering over 150 years of Newfoundland’s military history. Tracing the earliest roots of the Royal Newfoundland regiment, visitors will be treated to a performance by the band of the 1795 Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Foot’s Fife and Drum Corps, a demonstration of infantry and artillery drill by the war of 1812 era Royal Newfoundland Fencibles and Royal Artillery and finally a simulated exercise by the Newfoundland Regiment as they would have appeared during the First World War. This hour long performance will be concluded by a commemoration ceremony dedicated to all those who are served, and continue to serve, in defence of their province and nation.
Dates: From July 10 to August 10, 2014, every Wednesday-Thursday, Saturday-Sunday at 11 am and 3 pm (weather permitting)
Cost: $10

Noonday Gun

Noon Day Gun Come fire the Noonday gun!
© Parks Canada

Come fire the Noonday gun! Join the gun crew on the summit of Signal Hill to take part in a St. John’s tradition. Learn about the history and purpose of the Noon Gun and then join the small number of people able to claim that they have fired a real cannon! Enquire at the Visitor Centre for further information. Runs June 24th to the end of August.


Camp of Instruction

Camp of Instruction Camp of Instruction
© Parks Canada

Ever wondered what it was like to be a soldier preparing for battle during the First World War? Join our team of military history experts and go through a fully immersive, day long experience of how soldiers lived and worked while training to be sent to the front. Eat their food, wear their clothes and come to understand their sacrifice and service. A unique opportunity to learn about those who served, Lest We Forget. Enquire at the Visitor Centre for further information.
Dates: Offered July 12th and 26th, and August 9th at 8 am to 5 pm
Cost: $49 per person. Contact the Visitor Centre to reserve your spot at 709-772-5367.

Ghosts of Signal Hill

Ghosts of Signal Hill  Find out what happens on Newfoundland's most historic hill, after the lights go out. 
© Parks Canada

Daring escapes, murdered pirates, ghost ships, buried treasure, tragic drowning, and headless phantoms: will you be able handle all of this?
From the creator of the award-winning St. John’s Haunted Hike comes an evening of ghost stories, historical tales and strange adventures, Dale Jarvis. Join the dashing Lieutenant Ranslaer Schuyler by lamplight inside the historic Queen’s Battery, and find out what happens on Newfoundland’s most historic hill, after the lights go out.

Dates: Every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm, from July 4 to August 30, 2014
Cost: $15 ($10 for kids 12 and under) – cash sale only
Buy your tickets and meet your guide at the Visitor Centre.
It gets dark on the Hill, so bring a flashlight to help your way up and down!

Tasting at Signal Hill

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company, in partnership with Parks Canada and the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, present Tasting at Signal Hill. Join us for an exclusive evening at the Queen’s Battery. Explore the decadently sweet and savoury art of wine and chocolate pairing in one of the city’s most incredible locations.

Dates: July 17 and August 21. Arrive 6:45PM. Ends 9:00PM.
Cost: $50 + tax per person

Parks Day at Signal Hill

Join Parks Canada as we celebrate Parks Day with an organised hike at Signal Hill National Historic Site. Beginning at the Visitor Centre, participants will experience both the natural and cultural heritage of Signal Hill. Join one of our guides to learn about the unique features that make Signal Hill a touchstone of the St. John’s landscape!

Date: July 19, 2014, 12:30 p.m.
Cost: Regular site admission fee (includes access to the exhibit and movie in the Visitor Center) 

Learn to Camp

Learn to Camp  Come spend the night and enjoy the experience of camping!
© Parks Canada

This is an opportunity for new Canadians and urban families to learn how to plan and enjoy safe and successful camping trips while connecting to Canada`s treasured wilderness for years to come! Learn to Camp will feature workshops focusing on camping related skills such as how to set up a tent or how to cook in the outdoors. Participants will also enjoy inspiring interpretive programs and other Parks Canada activities. Be inspired by exceptional landscapes and natural treasures and remember them for a lifetime. Come spend the night and enjoy the experience of camping!

Date: August 23-August 24, 2014
Cost: $22 per person – includes the camping tent, sleeping pad, one dinner, one breakfast and all workshops
Registrations must be received and paid by August 1, 2014 – space is limited to 60 people

Daily guided tours

Daily Guided Tours  Come learn about the military and communication history of Signal Hill from one of our enthusiastic guides.
© Parks Canada

Guided tours of Signal Hill are part of our basic site admission fee. This tour begins at the Visitor Centre and will be proceeding to Queen’s Battery Barrack and then to Cabot Tower. Come learn about the military and communication history of Signal Hill from one of our enthusiastic guides. Enquire at the Visitor Centre front desk for more information. Tours usually run about 1 to 1.5 hours.
Dates: June 1 to August 31, 2014, 1:30 pm daily
Cost: The cost is included in the site admission fee

Canada Day Sunrise Ceremony

Join us early July 1st at Signal Hill as we kick off the celebration of Canada’s 147th birthday with the annual Sunrise Ceremony at Signal Hill National Historic Site. While the rest of our country sleeps, we celebrate our nation’s birthday in the most easterly city in North America. Canada Day is a great opportunity to gather and celebrate what it means to be Canadian. Bring your kids, your dog and your coffee. Watch the sun rise, sing O Canada, wave our flag and have a piece of Canada Day cake! Join us for the Sunrise Ceremony and make our tradition yours! Many already have!
Date: July 1 at 6 am, upper parking lot near Cabot Tower
Free admission

Shakespeare By the Sea Festival

Shakespeare by the Sea Festival presents William Shakespeare's "All's Well That Ends Well", a story of enduring love, betrayal, and deception, plus the happy conclusions alluded to in the title. Set in the Newfoundland of the1800s, the play will feature men handsomely attired in red regimental uniforms, ladies in courtly dresses, clowns, courtiers, kings, and estranged lovers who find each other despite the strictures of society and the smoke of war. What's not to like?
Don’t forget to bring your chair or picnic blanket; it’s an outside presentation.
Dates: July 18-19-26-27, August 1-2-8-9-15-16 (weather permitting)
Cost: $25 per person

We look forward to your visit this year!

Summer Activities at Signal Hill