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Signal Hill National Historic Site



Listen for the sonic boom of cannon fire atop Signal Hill, as you journey back to when British and French forces vied for strategic control over the harbour. See where Guglielmo Marconi received the world’s first transatlantic wireless signal. Watch as Signal Hill Tattoo military interpreters in period uniform dazzle with drills and drums. Explore iconic Cabot Tower, enjoy coastal hikes, and soul-stirring views of St. John’s and the Atlantic Ocean.

Featured Activities

Signal Hill Tattoo
Signal Hill Tattoo
Thrill to cannon boom and musket fire as you witness soldiers in period uniforms demonstrate precision military skills covering over a century of Newfoundland military service.
Fire the Noon Day Gun
BOOM!! Fire the Noon Day Gun
Come fire the Noon Day gun this summer! Book this special program and be part of the privileged few who can claim to have fired a cannon on Signal Hill.
Ghosts of Signal Hill
Ghosts of Signal Hill
From the creator of the award-winning St. John’s Haunted Hike, listen to tales of looming ghosts, wayward pirates, buried treasure, tragic drownings, and the headless phantoms of Signal Hill.
Training for War
Camp of Instruction - Training for War
Experience a day of preparation for the front lines in full uniform, before the trenches and famous battlefields of the First World War.

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