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L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site


Sagas and Shadows
Sagas and Shadows

Gather around the skáli (“kitchen”) in one of L’Anse aux Meadows reconstructed sod buildings and prepare for an evening of heroic and tragic tales from the Viking Sagas and more. Let the kitchen fire warm you as you raise your glass with a Viking (the cheer is spiced juice made from local partridge berries) and share a dramatic adventure in storytelling. You’ll hear a powerful retelling of the Vinland Sagas and intriguing Norse myths. You might learn how Eirik the Red founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland. Or laugh along as you listen to Njal’s Saga, filled with humour about a feast prepared with stolen goods. Discover how Thor got his hammer and how Thor and Loki got the hammer back. Or the folktale about Gilitrutt/the Lazy Housewife, similar to Rumpelstiltskin, but with a troll witch weaving wool cloth.
July 1st to August 29th. Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7:30p.m.

Viking Encampment
Viking Encampment

With dreams of riches and embracing the chance to find their own place in the Viking Sagas, a new expedition has arrived in Vinland. Say hello to an entirely new cast of characters who will bring history to life at two rebuilt buildings, where you can get in touch with your inner Viking. You’ll be welcomed by Anbjorg, the expedition leader, or Calder the captain who will introduce you to the camp, as well as the people you’ll meet and what they’ll be doing. Talk to Skari, a fisherman from Greenland, about his daily life, or his wife Britta to catch up on all the camp gossip. Listen as Torgeir the navigator shares tales of his many dramatic journeys. And don’t be surprised if Hakon, the blacksmith, puts you to work on the bellows. You can try blacksmithing, dying, woodworking, weaving and more. And if you really want to be part of the crew, there are even costumes to try on.
June 1st to October 9th. Daily, during operational hours.

The Meeting of Two Worlds
The Meeting of Two Worlds Tour

Discover the international archaeological significance of L’Anse aux Meadows and its powerful place in the history of the human migrations. Your knowledgeable interpreter will explore the importance of Norse expansion to the West and point out how the site’s archaeological excavations help us better understand Norse travels, trade and encampments. Where two world’s meet, you’ll discover the importance of the Norse encountering Aboriginal people in the region, representing the first time human migration out of Africa completes the circumnavigation of the globe. You’ll learn of the importance of human encounter and exchange in a rugged and bountiful land. How did this Viking base camp set up further Norse expansion in the region? Why is this place sometimes called the gateway to Vinland? Find out on this tour. You’ll also learn how archaeologists determined how long the Norse stayed on the coast, and why the Norse chose to abandon their encampment.
June 10th to 27 September 27th. Several times daily (45 minutes), check with visitor centre reception desk. English and French tours available.

Explore the Visitors Centre
Explore on Your Own

For a terrific introduction to the site’s natural and cultural wonders, start your exploration at the visitor centre. See original artifacts uncovered during archaeological excavations, like a bronze cloak-fastening pin, bone needle, and spindle whorl. Watch video demonstrations of Viking iron smelting and Aboriginal knapping processes. Listen to audio recordings of the great Vinland Sagas. Check out a 3D model of what the Norse camp would have looked like 1,000 years ago. Take your picture next to a 2/3 scale replica færing Viking boat. Pick up iridescent blue-grey labradorite jewelry, crafts, literature, and souvenir books at the Historic Sites Association gift shop.
June 1st to October 9th. Daily, during operational hours.

Textile Art of the Viking Age
Textile Art of the Viking Age

Join our knowledgeable interpreters to try your hand at Viking Age textile art. Make a Viking leather pouch, learn to single needle knit or weave your way through time and create your own souvenir of your visit. (Purchase of kit required.)  
July 1st to September 8th. Daily, during operational hours.

Xplorer's for Kids
Xplorers for Kids!

Do your kids like to explore? Pick up the free Xplorers book at the visitor centre and have fun doing some special activities. When finished, don’t forget to collect a cool souvenir. (Free for kids 6–11 years.)
June 1st to October 9th. Daily, during operational hours.