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Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site of Canada

Visitor Information

Visitor Information

Hawthorne Cottage was the Newfoundland home of legendary Arctic explorer Captain Bob Bartlett. See exhibits and artefacts from his voyages while admiring the nearly 200-year-old cottage, a fine example of the picturesque architectural style in Newfoundland.


We're rehabilitating infrastructure at Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site!
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Location Highlights:

  • Inside the cottage, knowledgeable interpreters lead tours where visitors can learn about Bartlett’s life and venture into the Arctic Room to see artefacts from his numerous voyages.
  • Prefer a self-guided experience? Special listening posts – in English and French – allow guests to hear audio clips about the wealth of seafaring memorabilia on display.
  • Climb the cottage’s almost century-old stairs to see rotating exhibits in the Green Room, from historic textiles to authentic artefacts from the Arctic.
  • Bartlett and his daring Arctic exploits have long captured the public imagination. Inside the cottage, visitors can watch The Ice Man, a CBC series about his life.
  • In 1898, at just 23 years old, Bartlett was First Mate on Commander Robert Peary’s famous expedition to reach the North Pole.
  • Bartlett achieved lasting renown for his heroics in the ill-fated voyage of the Karluk, part of the 1913-1918 Canadian Arctic expedition. After the ship became trapped in ice, he marched hundreds of kilometres across the Bering Sea ice with an Inuit guide to secure a rescue.
  • From 1920-1945, Bartlett’s famed schooner the Effie M. Morrissey completed dozens of Arctic expeditions for the U.S. government and groups like the National Geographic Society.
  • Outside the cottage, walk the vintage wraparound veranda, with its bellcast roof and decorative fretwork, and admire the handsome French windows before exploring the garden and its namesake hawthorne trees.
  • The grassy lawn of Hawthorne Cottage is a perfect picnic spot on sunny days.
  • Along the hilly streets of Brigus, a picturesque fishing community, visitors will discover centuries-old churches, a historic stone barn and museum and a unique tunnel bored through solid rock to reach the waterfront.