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Castle Hill National Historic Site of Canada


Activities  © Chris Newhook

Stroll the ruins of a once-embattled stone fort, guided by an interactive smartphone app; participate in a Learn to Camp event and discover the joys of camping within a storied monument. Immerse yourself in a site where European empires once battled for control of a continent and where a stunning vista stretches over a picturesque Atlantic harbour. Welcome to Castle Hill National Historic Site—history up-close!

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Learn To Camp
Learn To Camp
Set amidst the ruins of a 17th century stone fort and overlooking picturesque Placentia Bay, a Learn to Camp experience at Castle Hill blends enlightening seminars, stunning panoramas and captivating history
Discover Castle Hill with a smartphone app
History’s secrets are in your hands—discover Castle Hill with a smartphone app
Uncover the defences that guarded a vital fishing settlement. Tour the locations of historic military encounters. Learn the secrets of war-torn Castle Hill through an engaging smartphone app.

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