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Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site

Special events 2015

July 1 Canada Day
Celebrate Canada Day with us; free admission all day! Activities go from 12 pm - 4 pm. Cake and refreshments will be served. There will be a scavenger hunt with prize giveaways. Fun for the whole family!
July 4 WWI - A Child’s View
Explore the world a child would have experienced during the period 1914-1918 in Saint John. How the community reacted to the loss of its men, the father's of the children, to service overseas, how it affected sports, entertainment, social life, etc. We will also delve into games the children would have played, how schools and churches reacted to the war, activities the children would have enjoyed despite the war.
July 11 200th Birthday Celebration
Celebrate our Bicentennial with us! Experience the tower in all its glory, walk through time with us and see how the Tower lived through the War of 1812, the Fenian Raids, WWI and WWII. Exciting family fun and activities for everyone!
July 25 (rain date: July 26) Ghost Walk
Ghoulish tales of the ongoings in and around of Carleton Martello Tower during the First and Second World War. Told through the eyes of a local boy as he grew up in the neighbourhood, as a young boy visiting the Tower and seeing some interesting happenings. Learn about the soldiers lives and their stories through fascinating tales with a scary spin.
August 8 The Storytellers Art
The art of storytelling and show where stories are found and how to present them. Though we are in an electronic age, nothing has come along to replace the intimacy of one on one storytelling. Learn the stories of Carleton Martello Tower through the ages and neighbouring military installations.
August 22-23 Fab Forts Weekend
Discover the central role forts play in community life and appreciate their importance in Canada across the centuries! Join us on the 22nd at Carleton Martello Tower to discover the interesting features of Martello Towers found all over the world, and then follow us to Saint Andrews Blockhouse on the 23rd to learn about the very unique story which brought the Blockhouse into existence!