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York Factory National Historic Site of Canada

How to Get There

York Factory in summer York Factory in summer
© Parks Canada

Map of Manitoba
Map of Manitoba. Click to enlarge.
© Parks Canada

By Rail

Via Rail has regular train service to the nearest train station, Gillam Train Station in Gillam, Manitoba. Learn more about Via Rail service.

By Air

Charter air transportation is available from various points in northern Manitoba.

By Water

Canoeists paddling the Hayes River should register with the Parks Canada Churchill office and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at your paddling departure point.

Tides at York Factory limit the time of day that boat transportation can be made between Hay Island and York Factory NHS. Please consult with the Parks Canada Churchill office for tide times. 

» Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Tidal Prediction (Port Nelson)

Facilities at York Factory are very limited. Safe camping locations are available in Parks Canada’s fenced compound.

Weather conditions are unpredictable at York Factory and can force a longer than anticipated stay. Be sure to take warm clothing, rubber boots, bug repellent, and two or three days of extra supplies.

York Factory is situated in polar and black bear country, and visitors should be aware of the possibilities of an encounter with a bear. Follow all posted signs, be sure to talk to staff about recent sightings. Learn more about Polar Bear Safety.