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Riel House National Historic Site of Canada


Explora Riel House Explora Riel House
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A GPS-triggered guided tour of Riel House National Historic Site

Welcome to Riel House! This fun tour will take you around the once-rural grounds of Riel House National Historic Site, where you will discover Louis Riel – his ethnic background, spiritual principles and family history, and influences that made him a leader of the Métis people of mixed French and Aboriginal culture. You will also explore this remnant Métis river lot, a form of prairie settlement.

  • Location-specific photos and information about Riel House and its history
  • Quiz questions to challenge your knowledge and observation skills
  • Insider information from experienced interpreters

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Currently the use of an Explora handheld GPS device, while visiting Riel House National Historic Site, is included with your admission fee.