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Riel House National Historic Site of Canada


Visit Riel House National Historic Site, the family home of Louis Riel, a 19th century champion of Métis rights and culture whose legacy lives on to this day.

Riel House offers an opportunity for visitors to discover for themselves the story of this compelling and controversial figure, central to Canadian history. Step into the living room of the family home where the famous Métis leader, Louis Riel, a founder of Manitoba, lay in state for two days in December 1885 after he was hanged for high treason. Inside this Red River frame house, restored to its 1886 appearance, you can reflect on the fascinating and complex story of Louis Riel and explore his modern legacy.

In 1886, the Riel family farm stretched from the Red River to the Seine River according to the traditional Métis river lot system. One glance at a map leaves the modern city gardener in awe. Today, the less extensive gardens are actively cultivated and illustrate for visitors which flowers and vegetables were grown in the late 19th century.